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Our CEO made a team on Elevator. Here’s what happened next.

Our CEO, Steven, wanted to really understand what it’s like to use Elevator to join a company as a team.  Here at Elevator, we’re constantly reading studies and sharing stories about teamwork and how effective teams are great for companies.  We’ve also seen our placements go on to do great work, but none of us had experienced the process ourselves.

This past winter, Steven signed up for an account, and invited Elevator’s CTO, Ravi.  They each invited in past colleagues to round out their team.  We looked for local startups willing to host the team of two Engineers, a PM and a Designer, for a few working sessions, and found two companies, Chococurb and Onda, that agreed to participate.

In each working session, the team worked with the each startup to identify key problem areas, and brainstorm solutions. The team then immediately got to work implementing the ideas to improve company branding, upgrade websites, and scale the backend infrastructure.  By bringing our targeted expertise, both companies were able to make swift and meaningful progress on projects and tasks that had been gathering dust because of resource constraints.

Based on this experience, we at Elevator are now even more committed to the belief that a good team can immediately provide tangible benefits to a company.  Steven and Ravi also found “bringing the band back together” for a couple days a great way to reconnect with their former colleagues.  It was truly a win-win scenario that we hope to replicate for you, our teams and partners.  Let’s move up together.

Check out their team here. Then make one yourself!

Changes at Elevator

Elevator had a great launch last November, and we are excited today to announce a new team leading the company going forward.  Steven Stevenson, formerly CTO, has stepped into the CEO role.

Mike Anderson has done a great job for us, but it was his decision to step down.  The rest of the team selected Steven Stevenson to be the next CEO.  Mike is still heavily involved in its direction as an advisor to the CEO.  Steven is excited to help propel Elevator to new heights.

Ravi Grover will be stepping into the CTO role. He had distinguished himself as a key engineer and is excited to provide more technical direction to the company.

We have excited news to come, stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook in the coming months!